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Week 7 Neoclassism, Romanticism and Realism


The root of romanticism are in the 18th century, but usually the term more narrowly denotes the artistic movement that flourished from 1800 to 1840, between Neoclassicism and Realism. Romantic artists gave precedence to feeling and imagination over Enlightenment reason. ROmantic painters explored the exotic, erotic, and fantastic in their art. In Spain, Francisco Goya’s series celebrated the unleashing imagination, emotions, and even nightmares.
In France, Eugene Delacroix led the way in depicting Romantic narratives set in faraway places and distant times. He set his colorful Death of Sardanapalus in ancient Assyria.
Romantic painters often chose landscapes as an ideal subject to express the romantic theme of the soul unified with the natural world. Masters of the transcendental landscape include Friedrich in Germany, Constable and Turner in England, and Cole, Bierstadt, and Church in the United State.


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  1. damavara says:

    romanticism = exotic, erotic, and fantastic? A sophisticated and clear words that was correctly selected to explain it :)) nice

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