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Mid Term – Visual Semiotics


1. Rinso, ‘Berani Kotor itu Baik!’


Bite Me Brand is a brand of lipstick produced for woman. The advertisement wants to show that the lipstick of Bite Me Brand is durable, uneasy to be fade or lost. Analyzing the visual design of Bite Me Brand, I found three main elements represent the meaning of the advertisements. They are messy girl holding the food showing that she is excited, red and black color representing bravery and boldness, and the caption ‘BITE ME BRAND’ telling the brand itself.

After getting the keywords of messy, bravery and red, I looked for related advertisement and found Rinso with red packaging. The caption is ‘berani kotor itu baik‘ means eager to be dirty is good. Thus I combined Bite Me Brand, took out its caption, and Rinso. Thus, I keep the same meaning for some parts but focus on the dirty girl and Rinso product.


2. Gudang Garam International, ‘Pria Punya Selera’


BVGARI is a brand for exclusive perfume. Its target market is high class woman, or at least someone who has enough money to buy an expensive product. In the second level of semiotic analysis of signified and signifier, the elegant woman wearing fancy dress and extravagant necklace tells BVLGARI product is and for. Any eyes can conclude that BVLGARI is luxurious thing. These woman may have interest or sense of style toward the product.

Based on the analysis of BVLGARI, I interested to create meaning from men perspective and preference. Therefore, I chose cigarettes product to replace the perfume. Gudang Garam International is my choice because it has related tagline of ‘Pria Punya Selera‘ which means men has preference. Generally, men may have preference for smoking or type of  woman. At the end, I keep the meaning of having preference.


3. ‘Apapun Makannya, Minumnya Teh Botol Sosro’


kfc_thumb_buckets_originalbucketTeh Botol Sosro is a brand for tea product. It has famous tagline which is ‘Apapun Makannya, Minumnya Teh Botol Sosro’ means any eating, the drink is only Teh Botol Sosro. Indonesian have already knew this tagline and the product of Teh Botol Sosro. Indeed, the brand has been internalized inside the customers’ mind. It derived me to be brave to take out the product of Teh Botol Sosro and changed it to be KFC (Kentucky fried Chicken) product. I want to keep the meaning of Teh Botol Sosro first advertisement


Pocari Sweat


PONDS’ is a brand of skin care product for facial treatment. The advertisement of PONDS’ presents a woman with flawless and bright face. The girl represents beauty and and the ambience of blue represents freshness. After all, I decided to keep the meaning of freshness in edited advertisement with Pocari Sweat. I replaced the product of PONDS’ with Pocari Sweat. In purpose to make the audience grab the idea of Pocari Sweat easily, I chose to combine PONDS’ advertisement and Pocari Sweat. Thus, I give meaning to ads that Pocari Sweat is a fresh drink.


Oppo F1, ‘Selfie Expert’

garnierAlia Bhatt is brand ambassador of Garnier from India. Garnier is a product of skin care and hair treatment. Stressing on the model, audience may infer Garnier product can make you as clean and beauty as Alia. Comparing selfie-expertto other element of the advertisement, the model vs. the types – written explanation, I get more intention to the model.

What if we take out the model and put it in some other advertisement like Oppo? Then, it will be look like beside. Oppo is a brand for mobile phone. The product has add value on its camera feature. Specifically, Oppo’s product, F1, is branded with ‘Selfie Expert’. Oppo wants to tell the audience that F1 is a phone for the one who loves to take selfie. Through this advertisement, audience may know that Oppo F1 is a special mobile phone with excellent camera for selfie expert.


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